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Greetings Music Person! Gig Stories With Music People is a podcast for musicians, music lovers, and anyone who loves a good story! In-depth discussions about the music industry & gig life with a variety of musicians & creatives


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Gig Stories with Music People
A podcast for musicians, music lovers, and anyone who loves a good story! In-depth discussions about the music industry & gig life with a diverse variety of musicians & creatives
Does the name not speak for itself? Need more? Ok.
After 10+ years based in Los Angeles working as a professional musician, I've accumulated a great number of stories. I know that I'm not alone in this regard, so my hope is to shed light on the best stories from my musician friends & colleagues from around the world. Along the way I also hope to learn about each guests journey through this crazy life & industry, and ideally to offer poignant music (& life) advice to anyone listening, whether you're a seasoned musician, newbie, hobbyist, or just a... civilian? Most of my guests will either be working professional musicians or weekend warriors, but I also plan to expand over time to hear different perspectives from related "gig life" fields. If there's someone you want to hear from or some way I can make this better, let me know! CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated!

ig: @gigstorieswithmusicpeople

If you'd like to learn more about me & what I'm doing, check out episode 0 for my intro and go to: (my studio in LA)

At the moment I have no sponsors, so if you'd like to support this podcast the best thing is to share it on social media or with someone who might be interested! If you want to go above and beyond that and help ensure more episodes you can also purchase my music at or even just make a contribution on Venmo @Evan-TheSpacemint any help is very much appreciated!
Thank you for listening!

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Evan Chudnow

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Evan Mykl (A.K.A. Evan Chudnow) has called Los Angeles home for over 10 years. Evan graduated from Los Angeles College of Music in 2012 with an A.A. in Music Performance (Bass Guitar), and quickly became an “in-demand” bassist. Aside from working full-time as a touring musician, session player, and private teacher, Evan continued to curate his home recording studio and develop his producing, songwriting, & audio engineering skills.

In 2018 Evan received a Certificate in Audio Engineering from Musician’s Institute, as well as 2 Pro Tools Certifications from Avid as a Pro Tools 12 User & Operator.

Evan has developed a reputation for being very versatile, professional, and easy to work with. Stop by the reviews section for more on that note, and you can learn more about Evan at &